A Tale About VERNE

Once upon a time… This is how the story begins, telling us the story of VERNE. The fruit of effort, creativity, professionalism and love for fashion has set us the goal to reveal and provoke the gentle nature and rebellious nature of every woman… Flirting with colors, fabrics and ideas, we have been creating our models for 15 years, combining timeless elegance and romance from the past, with the ease, convenience and comfort of the present.

This is how our favorite tulle skirt, typical for the brand, was born. A symbol of fine femininity and casual grace, a palette of delicate colors and a soft touch, she is the epitome of a fairy tale in an urban environment. And this is just the beginning… VERNE will be a pinch of magic in your own fairy tale, telling your beautiful stories in the form of clothes made especially for you. Because personal attitude is important to us!