Terms Of Use

The following GENERAL TERMS and CONDITIONS take advantage of the manner and rules for using the website www.verne.bg


Seller – company “DESIGN VS” Ltd., with registered office in Sofia, 40 Rodopi Str., Entered in the Commercial Register of the Republic of Bulgaria with UIC 204708155

The website address, in the internet space of verne.bg, as well as all applications, offer customers access to the catalog, offering items at the specified address.

Customer – any person visiting the website and / or benefiting from the Services or its content.

Buyer – any client of the Website, related to 18 years and provided address for delivery and payment.

Profile – standard username and password chosen by the customer and providing access to all goods and Services offered on the website, as well as the ability to exchange information with the Seller.

Order – a request from the Buyer for the purchase of pre-selected by him goods and services offered on the Website. To avoid any abuse – only an application with a valid delivery address is considered an order.

Distance contract – an order sent by the Buyer to the Seller for goods offered on the Website. To avoid any memories – individual orders are treated as separate contracts.

Services – performance of any electronic services by the Website in order to provide an opportunity for Customers to communicate with the Seller and / or purchase offers in the catalog of the Website goods.

Receipt of an order – data that are executed from the delivery to the address indicated by the Client.

Basket – a virtual list composed of goods selected for purchase by the Customer.

All prices in the catalog of the Website are in the chosen currency – Euros, British Pounds or American Dollars, for one piece / pair of each exhibited item.

The Seller reserves the right to use and update these General Terms and Conditions (GTC) abroad and without prior assurance to the Customer of a change. To avoid any memories – by confirming each Order, the Buyer declares that we have met and accepted publication on the Website, as of the date of the Order, General Terms.

The website uses officially provided by the manufacturer data on the color range of the goods offered in the catalog. The Customer agrees that the differences in colors between deliveries and ordered goods may be permissible, given the fact that the colors seen in the photos depend on the customer’s computer configuration, as well as on his visual perceptions.

The website accepts orders only when the Client provides a valid delivery address.


The Client / User / Buyer agrees that having any personal or other data of verne.bg, which agrees that it can be used for the following purposes by verne.bg: (1) maintains the Client’s account / User / Buyer, including registration of orders, sending of ordered products, refund of ordered services, invoicing, resolving disputes with Customers / Users / Buyers on the occasion of existing Orders or consideration of their requests; (2) sending a search message, periodic messages by e-mail or SMS; (3) conducting market research, tracking and monitoring sales and customer / consumer behavior.

The Client / User / Buyer agrees to provide verne.bg unlimited in volume and time access to any materials and information that are sent to the Seller through or in connection with the Platform, regardless of whether an Order has been placed and a transaction has been approved through the Platform. verne.bg has no obligation to keep such information received as confidential, until this can not be changed in the obligation of applicable law.

With the help of your data on verne.bg (including e-mail) the Client / User / Buyer gives his explicit consent to contact verne.bg or third parties who are couriers, traders, partners of verne.bg and suppliers at marketing services, state, municipal or incorrect agencies or companies in the field of insurance or financial services, when provided by the specific legislation, as well as other companies with which verne.bg may develop joint programs for offers of the Goods and / or Services on the market, etc.

Order items


The order of goods from the catalog can be made by choosing the option to visit the Website as a “guest” or registered user.

When ordering goods displayed in the catalog of the Website, the Customer agrees to the Terms of Use.

The confirmation of Orders is done by receiving from the Client an automatic email, indicated by the latter in the registration form, with the order number.

Once logged in to your Account, the Customer can place his order of one or more goods, by choosing the color, size and quantity of each of the goods displayed in the catalog. Once all the described options are filled in, the Customer adds the clothes to the Basket by clicking the “Add to Basket” button. After all the desired items are added to the Cart, the Customer must choose a method of payment and delivery address in the Republic of Bulgaria.

In case of changes in the price list of the offered goods, the Seller reserves the right to cancel the orders, obliging to notify the Customer of the change and the current price of the item ordered by him.

Despite the efforts made by the team of the Website to maintain current stocks, the Customer agrees that there are acceptable differences between the stocks presented at the time of the order and the actual ones established after the order. In case the stocks of one or more goods from one order have been exhausted, the Seller undertakes to contact the Buyer, through the data provided in the Profile of the latter. In these circumstances, the Buyer may choose one of the following options:

– dropping out of the goods with insufficient availability from the order and confirmation (within a period not longer than 10 calendar days) for delivery of the remaining goods in the order.

– cancellation of the order;

The Customer agrees that the retention of the e-mail address of an item on the Website and / or its retention in the “Favorites” category does not guarantee the availability of the item or the period of offering the item in the website catalog. In connection with the above, the Customer agrees that the items saved in the manner described will be downloaded from the catalog of the Website, and the status of such goods is changed to “Inactive”.

In case the Customer orders an item whose status is “Inactive”, the Seller has the right to cancel the order automatically. In these cases, the Seller undertakes to notify the Customer by sending an automatic message to the e-mail address specified by the latter in the registration form.

Each order placed through the Website is considered as a separate Distance contract concluded between the Seller and the Buyer. For the avoidance of any doubt – the Distance contract is considered concluded from the moment of sending the order to the Buyer.